You may have noticed the “Block or allow cookies” pop-up messages when you clicked on a web browser, and without knowing exactly what are cookies, clicked “allow”.. I’m guilty of that.

What exactly are sessions and cookies?

Cookies and sessions are used to store information. To break it down, let’s start off by explaining sessions, sessions is the time a user is on a website. It is the time between logging in to logging out. Sessions expire the moment the browser is closed.

Cybersecurity has been a growing field with millions of jobs available. But what exactly is cybersecurity? Let’s start off by defining the basics, security. Security- “The quality or state of being secure- to be free from danger”

With that understanding, cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, servers, and data from unauthorized users. They are responsible in patching vulnerabilities.

A successful organization should have multiple layers of security in place:

•Physical security

•Personal security

•Operations security

•Communications security

•Network security

•Information security

There are many different career paths for cybersecurity:

Rather you want to begin your career in web development or just spice up your social media aesthetics, understanding the basic structure of HTML will be helpful. You will help you grasp how to design a website but understanding the foundation can help you learn other programming languages as well. HTML has an opening and a closing, just like in Ruby (with ‘end’.) HTML documents must start with a document type declaration:

Web developers add a HTML doctype declaration at the very top in order to tell the browser which rendering mode to use for that document. In other words…

Sanny Do

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